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A2 ConsultING

Let us be your right hand

We have a team of multidisciplinary experts prepared to advise you in any situation.

In A2 We distinguish ourselves by our ability to carry out on our own all aspects involved in the successful resolution of a project, allowing our customers to worry about the most technical aspects of operations.

In our offices we have our own specialized departments in charge of simplifying the operations in front of the client.


Our professionals will help you to calculate the total amount of the transaction, detail the specific taxes for your case and advise you to reduce costs or extend benefits.


We inform you of the best opportunities of the market and we keep track of all your operations or the state of your assets to improve your performance.


Presentation and collection of notarial documents, management of simple notes, documentation of property and commercial records and monitoring of their registration and possible incidents.


We provide a select portfolio with the best investment opportunities

Among the best deals in the real estate sector, our team of commercial advisers has made a selection of products adapted to all kinds of necessities, from office buildings, to residential blocks, through single-family homes, Holiday homes, etc. ..

We have a large database of builders, construction zones, types and prices of homes, causing offer in a very short time a selection of properties suitable to your tastes and needs without having to go through the search process, and no cost Added to you.


We use the highest standards in these areas and are always looking for ways to make them more functional, smart and comfortable.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer maximum quality Ajustandonos to the budgets, thanks to a team of professionals of long trajectory in each one of their respective departments.

Our system

We studied the characteristics of the area, doing a detailed planning of all the resources necessary to do the work from start to finish. We optimize the means and to make the final price according to the market standards.


We have an own accounting department specializing in building, essential for the operations to run correctly. They are also responsible for studying which professionals and resources will be needed.

Our Philopsophy

Buildings are more than a mere combination of materials. They are areas where we meet with the family, work, where we inspire and get the best from ourselves and others.

Aplicamos la más moderna en todos nuestros proyectos


Find your Ideal Home
At unique prices

We have a large portfolio of rental houses, managed by us directly. From single-family homes to complete residential buildings, all of them refurbished and in perfect condition and services.

Finding a home in a short time can be a tedious task. Our professionals will help you to find the house that best fits in price and location to your possibilities, tastes and needs.